Special Education Teacher Salary Levels

The amount of money for special education teacher salaries has stayed the same for many years now, even with an increasing need for teachers in this field to teach those children with special learning requirements. The amount of schools that are equipped to teach such children have increased, although many of these children are still placed in regular classrooms, and the number of trained teachers has risen equally. Even though these teachers do important and valuable work, there will always be some budget limits placed on how much they are paid.

Special education teacher salaryPart of the pay of these teachers is direct or indirect involvement with children who have special learning needs. This is increasing specifically with cases of autism, where children are so severely affected that anyone who is alert can spot this disorder. Many cases, however, are not so easy to spot right away, and it takes a teacher who is trained in this area to spot those who are having learning or attention problems. A regular classroom teacher may also have occasions when they also have to deal with those children with these problems as part of their classroom routine.

A special education teacher who is trained in dealing with these children will often work in the normal classroom surroundings and will be doing regular classroom duties as well. In most cases, the special needs children are much better off being taught in regular classrooms with other unaffected children, with special monitoring and, if necessary, special tutoring. Some have unkind things to say about this method, such as the time spent with special needs children taking away from attention to the rest of the class, but if properly balanced this method does work. This is why teachers who have credentials to teach these children get a higher rate of pay.

These special trained teachers require a higher pay scale in order to attract more potential teachers to this field. Of course, there are certain limits to how high this pay scale can go. It is only right and fare that these teachers be compensated financially for their time and work they spend getting the proper training and certification necessary for doing this type of work. They must take certain course to get a bachelors degree in this profession as well as getting a state issued certification to teach in this field.

To become a special education teacher costs money such as for travel expenses to the school they are positioned at. The teacher will, initially, pay these costs out of pocket, but would later be paid back as the costs would be job related. The school may also pay for extra tuition costs if extra training is required as part of the job. This can also include training for use of equipment which the child may need to use.

Special education teachers salaries will not be going up or down anytime soon. Although the need for these teachers is on the increase due to an ever growing number of students with autism and other learning disorders become more and more common, there will be little rise in their pay.