Special Education Teacher Requirements

Although special education teacher requirements vary from state to state, they all have certain things in common. Since this is a very highly specialized field to enter into, a bachelors degree in special education is required and a state license must be obtained. These are an absolute necessity as there is a need to protect the child from any exposure to someone who has a criminal record involving children.

Special education teacher requirementsA bachelors degree and a state license are all that is required to teach anywhere in your state. A teachers assistant will not need the bachelors degree but will still require a state license to work with children. In order to be a special education teacher, however, you will need to have your bachelors degree in this field which will also allow you to continue your studies if you wish to receive a doctorates degree as well. You will need to give this some considerable thought, however, as higher positions require less actual involvement with the children.

This teaching position does not require previous experience in working with children because the college courses taken provide enough training to acquire the skills necessary. However, many who apply for this position already have at least some teaching experience but this is not a requirement. If you have never taught before, doing some volunteer work in this field may give you an idea of what it is like so that you can accurately determine if this is the kind of work you really want to do.

If you do decide to go ahead and pursue this career, there are a couple of options you have as options on the courses. You can either attend a college campus to take the courses needed or you can simply take them online and still get your degree needed in special education. This is a personal choice, although certain groups choose one or the other. Younger students who arent already bound by family or job commitments choose the campus option since they enjoy the friendships made while attending campus courses.

Many who choose the online course option are those who are already employed and cannot leave their work or family obligations. Thanks to modern technology, a college education is now available to these people. Most of these students have no difficulty at all studying their courses online, but much thought has to go into making this choice. First, you will have to be computer literate and have a high speed Internet connection. If you do not yet have these skills, you might consider taking a basic computer course before starting your special education teachers courses online.

Once you have met your special education teachers requirements, you will then be able to get a job teaching children with special needs. Many people love the idea of being a special education teacher and actually working with these children while others want administrative positions. There are advanced course that you can take for these higher positions.