Special Education Teacher Interview Questions

If you are not properly prepared, special education teacher interview questions can be a little hard to answer, even though you have easily passed all the required courses with no problem, and have obtained your license to practice. Many people think that getting the right amount of education will ensure them a job, only to find that in reality, this is more difficult than imagined. In this career area this is much less likely to happen but there are still some pretty hard interview questions to answer.

Special education teacher interview questionWhen you choose a teaching career, every prospective employee has to go through a background assessment and evaluation. There are very strict rules as to who can or cannot work with children, and if you have any crimes relating to children in your record you can forget about finding stable employment. Some background questions can be a little hard for you to answer, but this happens much less often now that employers have access to criminal background records. If your record comes up clean, then you dont have anything to worry about.

One of the first things that you will be questioned about on your job interview is how much experience do you have, especially if it is something that pertains to the position that you are applying for. The job of special education doesnt require experience as a special education teacher, but it does help. Most who earn their bachelors degree in special education have already been teaching for quite some time in the regular teaching circuit and just want to expand their skills. Doing some volunteer work in a related field can help you get the experience that you need.

Some of the harder questions that will be asked during the interview will be concerning your ambition and how far you intend to advance in your career. You want the interviewer to know that you are serious about your career, but on the other hand, you dont want to project the thought that you are only interested in the managerial aspect either. Just be honest about wanting to work with the children for a few years before making any further advancement.
Many government departments have switched over to the competency interviews and often change the type of questions that are asked. You need to convince them that you are fully competent in the skills that are needed to do the job well. Most people find these questions necessary and are more comfortable with them instead of a lot of unnecessary questions.
Practicing for the interview questions is the best way to do well on the actual interview. If you have a friend with a rather dominating personality, then they would be the perfect choice as the interviewer. The more you practice for the interview, the more confident you will become. This will make it much easier to do well on the interview and get the special education teacher job that you have studied so hard for.