Special Education Teacher Assistant

Once you get your degree, an easy way to gain entrance to the field of special education teaching is to become a special education teacher assistant. Entering this career can help you make a definite difference by working with children who have difficulty learning in a normal classroom environment, or who need extra attention if they are learning. There are an ever increasing number of children being diagnosed with medical learning difficulties which slows their learning capabilities from that of healthy children, so there is also an increasing need for teachers who can help these children. Any teacher who tackles this job is going to be incredibly busy, so a trained assistant will be a definite asset to them.

special education teacher assistantIt is much easier to become an assistant in the special education field than it is to become a teacher, because there is no requirement for a degree. You will, however, still need to prove to the authorities that you are fully capable of taking a positive part in the teaching of children. You will not, though, need previous experience in child care or in education to receive this position. Everyone who works in this field, will have a criminal background check done on them to make sure that there will be no legal issues when they are working with children.

The teachers assistant has the ability to play an important role in many different settings and situations, usually in a classroom which is shared with other normal children. The policy of the school boards is to keep the majority of the children in the mainstream classroom, because with the milder cases of learning difficulties this has had the most positive results. This assistant will have much more time to tutor the special needs child which leaves the teacher free for the other children. This is the main concern in these classes, that the teacher will not have enough time to attend to the regular class.

The teacher can also benefit from the assistant when the teacher is trying to cope with a pupil who has to be separated because they disrupted the classroom too much. This will happen sometimes when one student needs too much attention for the teacher to be able to divide his attention between the special student and the rest of the class or because the special needs child is not allowing the other students to pay attention.

The special education teachers assistant may need to change slides or operate other display equipment while the teacher attends to the other students in the class. Becoming one of these special education teachers assistant is a wonderful way to get the feel of things but if you decide you want to take this career further, you will have to get a bachelors degree as a special education teacher.